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Coffee Shop - Café Ciliegio

Café CiliegioID: MCR115

381 Montague St
Albert Park VIC 3206 Australia

Ciliegio is Italian for cherry. And although this new corner cafe has a strong caffeine focus, we don’t think they’re talking about the coffee cherry. Never mind. The shiny Nuova Simonella machine and the excellent Tonino Lamborghini coffee are respectful enough of the coffee bean. A late starter (you can stay in bed until 10.30am) this bright, inviting space features red walls, timber chairs and terracotta-tiled floors. The Italian-roasted coffee is a blend of arabica beans from Brazil and Ethiopia, with robusta beans from Java to add bite. An espresso will have a fruity, earthy flavour (think cherries and raisins) and a bittersweet kick, while a flat white will be well rounded and smooth. A bit of work is needed on extraction and milk texturing techniques.

Bean Count 1.0


Frankie Tan, Gen Tabata Hitoshi Nishiguchi

Coffee Brand:

Tonino Lamborghini

Espresso Machine:

Nuova Simonelli

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