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Coffee Shop - Castro’s Kiosk

Castro’s KioskID: MCR124


Physics Building Courtyard Building 162 Melbourne University Via Gate 1, Swanston Street
Parkville VIC Australia

Melbourne Uni staff and students alike can be thankful for Castro’s Kiosk, an oasis of quiet amid hectic campus life. From a steel and glass-sheathed booth tucked in a courtyard at the back of the physics building, funky staff serve up coffee brewed to high standards. A double espresso, made using North Melbourne-based Bailey coffee, is full-bodied with sweet hints of fruit salad and a balancing bitterness. An excellent chaser, a creamy Castro’s caffe latte evokes raisins and chocolate. A handwritten note by the counter states that all good things take a little time, yet service is swift and friendly. Relaxed students sit at chunky outdoor settings with a warming soup or filled pide, watching the e-literate collect SMS pre-orders as they dash to their next tutorial.

Bean Count 1.5


Patrick Sloane

Coffee Brand:

Bailey Coffee

Espresso Machine:


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