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Coffee Shop - Eurodore

EurodoreID: MCR140


271 Bay St
Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Australia

From its dark timber furnishings and polished concrete floors to its ceiling-high shelves loaded with desirable provisions, Port Melbourne’s two-year old “provedore, cellar and kitchen” exudes European charm. Drop in for lunch and order a glass of wine, choose a few items from the deli window, some imported goodies to restock the pantry – or sit down for a coffee. The Coffico blend is carefully extracted and takes on a European accent of its own – it’s hot-blooded, strong and carries scents of tobacco and spice. A caffe latte will be proficiently executed, its pretty rosetta an indication of well-textured milk (soy or any other persuasion) and its full-bodied aftertaste lingering pleasantly. In true European style, the service is unfaltering from the moment you step in the door.

Bean Count 1.0


The Moutis family

Coffee Brand:

Coffico Coffee

Espresso Machine:


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