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Coffee Shop - Saloop Cafe

Saloop CafeID: MCR684


151 Martin St
Brighton VIC 3186 Australia

Martin Street, Brighton reminds me of a quaint English village. Maybe that's the reason that under the surface of this lovely little cafe beats the heart of community based entrepreneurship. Make no mistake, you walk into this place and you will be looked after, treated like royalty. If you area parent, your kids will have plenty of company especially between 9 and 10am as I found out during my conference call, but all good.

I think Saloop is a pioneer as their staff pretty well run the place as a training ground for their own operation in the future. This is like a real reality show where young with progressive and interested managers who are trying some innovative approaches to running a cafe. They also, as a matter of policy, get all their ingredients locally, including Phillipas Bread and Tonino Lamborghini Coffee.

The coffee was done well, slightly bitter, but many like that. I have done a latte here before and they are creamy and smooth,.. so no probs there.

Bean Count 1.5


Anthony and Carol Scarpaci

Coffee Brand:

Tonino Lamborghini

Espresso Machine:

Nuova Simonelli

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