Melbourne Coffee Review

Coffee Shop - Postal Hall

Postal HallID: MCR180

03 96630998

116 Russell St
Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

While snail mail may be dead, these guys a sorting out your coffee needs faster than the internet.This kool city cafe is located in the lower levelof the old Australia Post head office, and the original clock hangs outfront.

The team here reveals that the system is a trade secret, but the finelytunedprocess ensures impeccable, attentive service no matter how the tide ofcoffee lovers ebbs in and out.

A well presented milk-based coffee, made with the imported Italian Bristot Coffee blend. We assure you a great flavoursome experience.

Bean Count 1.0


John Grivas

Coffee Brand:

Bristot Coffee

Espresso Machine:

Nuova Simonelli

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