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Coffee Shop - Primary Café

Primary CaféID: MCR181


399 Royal Parade
Parkville VIC 3052 Australia

Primary Cafe in Parkville looks like a regular corporate cafe – chairs filled with “suits”, a respectable menu, slick modern furniture and a typically noisy lunch-hour rush. The difference is that this year-old venture has Australia’s 2009 Latte Art Champion at its helm. Erin Sampson, formerly of Coffee HQ, opened Primary with multi-award-winning barista champion David Makin. She uses Veneziano Coffee and a gleaming La Marzocco machine to create consistently first-rate coffee. The team around her are switched on and service is speedy and fun. A ristretto will carry a smooth, syrupy mouthfeel and a pleasant acidic nip, but unsurprisingly, milk-based brews shine brightest. The perfect gossamer microfoam is luscious and full-bodied, adding a gentle nutty aroma and an intense caramel finish to each cup.

Bean Count 2.0


Erin Sampson

Coffee Brand:


Espresso Machine:

La Marzocco

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