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Coffee Shop - Dead Man Espresso

Dead Man EspressoID: MCR221

03 9686 2255

35 Market St
South Melbourne VIC 3205 Australia

Dead  Man 1
Boasting a visually impressive design, Dead Man Espresso looks something between an Aesop shop and a Swedish architectural showroom. Coffee is brewed with the finest modern tools of the trade, with a plethora of single-origin or blended bean options available. Consistency is a strong point here; each cup lulls the taste buds into tranquil pleasure through a sophisticated blend of sweet, salty, hazel-nutty flavours, which blend to form a rich, caffeinated syrup.

Bean Count 3.0


Luke Mutton, Kylie Mackinlay

Coffee Brand:

Seven Seeds

Espresso Machine:

Synesso Hydra

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