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Coffee Shop - Punto

PuntoID: MCR271


224 Camberwell Rd
Hawthorn East VIC 3123 Australia

I think we sometimes try too hard. Too many bells and whistles to capture and hold the punters attention. We are bombarded,..but on occasion I am reminded by the supposedly lay coffee aficionados of what is really important. A client asked that we rendezvous at his favourite cafe. I agreed but got here early to suss out the facts. Punto is an unassuming but nicely presented cafe. In Italian it means 'Player' but who knows. I was greeted immediately with a smile and an offer to take my order. The Latin guitar ambient music was a new but lovely touch to my coffee moment and when my long black arrived I took my first sip of the day with anticipation. I was injected with a vibrant and bold coffee flavour and what I can only describe as a nutty taste. It was excellent, and the whole package was to be applauded.

Bean Count 1.5


Dario Schiavone

Coffee Brand:

grinders giancarlo

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