Melbourne Coffee Review

Coffee Shop - Balderdash

BalderdashID: MCR639

9077 3813

295 Bay St
Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Australia

What is this? Balderdash? Five Senses and still no votes? wot up? I then made the fatal mistake of trying to get to it via Beach Rd, so 1 hr later there I was. I was greeted by the barista (tick) and he took my order, motioning me a "sit down where you like man". I nestle at the back wall, and anticipate the delivery of the black golden nectar. Two years ago I would have raved at the fiunkyness that is this place, but its pretty well the norm now. I love the look with old bottles, Spartan walls and retro art, but its everywhere now.

Ok, it arrives post haste (tick) and I check temp (tick),.. I smell (mmmm ticko!!) and the taste (big tick),.. thick and rich, with a buttery boldness. (Like that?.. haha).

get here if you haven't, come back if you have... rockin place and a worthy listing in MCR.

Bean Count 2.0


Mark Knapp & Nick Edgar

Coffee Brand:

5 Senses

Espresso Machine:

Synesso Hydra

  • Beans for Sale
  • Internet Access
  • Good for Business Meets
  • Search Hotshots
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