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Coffee Shop - Cafe Silk

Cafe SilkID: MCR745

03 5222 2842

51 Moorabool St
Geelong VIC 3220 Australia

....y... smooth... wow,.. hello there Cafe Silk. Tucked at the cultural/bay end of Moorabool St, this is a neat, friendly and kool place to get your coffee fix. Their San Marco looks like an art piece against the wall, pumping out the sweet black gold. The inviting d├ęcor means that family, babies and business folk will all be comfortable here and I suspect the food rocks also (but what would I know!).

For me, the all important back table where I can sit and do my thing is where its at; the coffee arrived in moments and was smooth, well presented and had a strong earthy flavour. In fact, as regular readers will know, I am a Long Macc Man, and find that there are two schools of thought, 1. The Italian way, which is simply a double shot with a dollop, or 2. the same but with a dash of hot water also. I prefer the Italian way myself as I find the shot of water normally makes it too hot to enjoy. Thankfully, the team here delivered it just the way I like it. Interestingly, I challenged the specialists on this issue recently and I could not get a definitive right way! regardless, Silk, does it right for me!

Bean Count 2.0


Kate Jurcic

Coffee Brand:

Coffee Supreme

Espresso Machine:

San Marco

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