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The Perfect CupID: MCR775

(08) 82311932

Grenfell St
Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

I lived in Adelaide between 1993 and 1997, all in all about 3.5 years of my life. People knock Adelaide but its quite a nice town. I am in town on business and reconnoitre the immediate vicinity of my meeting for a quick review. What looked best was the place. Looks can be deceiving though. By the looks of things, who ever set this place up, loves coffee, is passionate about presenting a great experience. The floors are branded with the origins of the great coffee, possibly representing the shipping pallets. The promise continues onto the walls with an immense bill board quoting, quotable quotes… my favourite being that crazy lady from Ab Fab .. “ Not instant darling, grind some beans. That’s not proper coffee, that’s just beans that have been cremated. I want them active with life force darling”…
My coffee arrived (Long Macchiato) in a short cup (correct me if I’m wrong, but wot up?) indeed with a little smiley man on it. The crema was however amazing and thick. The café smooth and no bitterness. This was a descent cuppa Joe. There was a problem nevertheless . That problem, let this place down big time. It is something you can’t buy and is essential in my mind to deliver the whole café experience to people on their way to what are in many cases mundane existences in cubicles. That thing my friend is a ‘SMILE’. The energy of the barista, happiness, smile, a nice word, an acknowledgement of my humanity, ….something!
And it wasn’t personal. The whole place was definitely emitting a bad vibe. No one spoke. Some mumbles, some orders.. it was like my wife and I after a big spat… not good.

I believe that everywhere in the world, baristas serving up that first, immensely important coffee of the day; have an duty to inject us with the illusion of hope as they hand over our coffee so that we may kick off our day.
Regardless, the coffee was good, so 1 bean for you…

Bean Count 1.0

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