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Coffee Shop - Ora Cafe

Ora CafeID: MCR896

03 9855 2002

156 Pakington St
Kew Melbourne VIC 3101 Australia

Occasionally I get served a coffee that makes me think,.. “I need to stop drinking today because, it ain’t gonna get any better than this…” well, I am thinking about calling it quits for the rest of 2011. Ora is time (in Greek) and man, has their time come. I had my doubts when I got to this lonely part of Kew, but the reward was waiting like a pot of black gold, sired by Proud Mary no less. Ora is a hip but unassuming place with an awesome vibe and friendly staff. IF you can squeeze in between the fans, zap on in and say hi. The coffee is amazing, soft smooth and bloody delightful. I tagged them for a Top 100 spot for next year,.. I think they are a shoe in for 2013. Vote away!

Bean Count 2.0


John Vroom

Coffee Brand:

Proud Mary

Espresso Machine:

La Marzocco

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