Melbourne Coffee Review

Coffee Shop - Tyranny Of Distance

Tyranny Of DistanceID: MCR197

03 9525 1005

147 Union St
Windsor VIC 3181 Australia

If coffee’s your fuel, you’d better motor into Tyranny of Distance, where stools have replaced the petrol pumps at a now defunct servo, commissioned street art brightens the walls and gas cannisters have been redeployed as lamps. Cafe veterans Carlo Colosimo and George Loukas have done more than create an intriguing al fresco cafe. They have snared welcoming staff members (although at times there could be a few more) and a handy barista turning out textbook ristrettos with spoon-licking qualities of chocolate and roasted almonds. His dessert-like caffe lattes imitate a good mocha and satisfied patrons now happily fill up on the soul fuel of the Coffea bean and signature flatbread.

Bean Count 1.5


Carlo Colosimo George Lukous

Coffee Brand:

Coffico Coffee

Espresso Machine:

La Marzocco

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